GLOBAL VILLAGE PROJECT: Partners with volunteers holding advanced degrees from the international community to assist in literacy and computer training as well as mentoring for needy students. Experienced volunteers from the Global Village project will provide teaching assistance to The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH)


The General Volunteer comprises of young adults with a minimum age of 16 years who have voluntarily offered themselves to serve in the library. They are classified as general volunteers because, no special skills or trainings are required to serve.

Duties may include:

  • Administrative work
  • Cataloging and arranging books on shelves
  • Answering readers’ enquiries
  • Reading to children


Although Ghana is an English-speaking country, many school children cannot communicate effectively in the English language. This is common in both rural and urban areas of Ghana and there is a real need for volunteers to assist in communities with a shortage of teaching staff. The Teaching volunteer seeks to stimulate the interest of school children in studying and speaking English, while simultaneously offering international volunteers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the Ghanaian culture and education system. Volunteers are encouraged to bring resources that can assist with their teaching. Persons who volunteer to teach in the Ghana Girls Learning Hub must hold as least a Bachelors’ Degree. However, we encourage volunteers to come prepared by completing some relevant training.

Duties of teaching volunteers may include:

  • Tutoring – English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Literacy etc.
  • Helping children read or reading to them
  • Mentoring children / Leadership classes
  • Chaperoning a Field Trip