Education is the key to the future of our world. Today's girls and young women will be the leaders, entrepreneurs and parents of tomorrow - they are the future of our community.

At The Revolutionary Underground Foundation we focus on empowering girls and young women in Africa through access to education, learning resources and technology, leadership skills and mentors. We encourage and promote the development of the mind, body, creativity and spirit of each girl. We challenge and inspire each girl and help her develop the skills and confidence to enable her to strive towards achieving her personal goals and to contribute to the wider global community.

The Revolutionary Underground Foundation has provided girls and young women in Africa with mentoring, emotional support, meals, educational counselling and support, school supplies, computers, books, literacy classes, field trips, leadership training, health resources and reproductive education.

The Revolutionary Underground Foundation’s Founder is Chiedza Makonnen, former Flight Attendant and Founder of the lifestyle brand Afrodesiac Worldwide. (

The Revolutionary Underground Foundation is officially registered by the Republic of Ghana as a NGO (Non- Governmental Organization).


At AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE GROUP we believe as global citizens it is imperative we contribute to our communities in a positive way. As such, we provides access to educational opportunities to girls and young women in Africa. By helping disenfranchised girls obtain an education we assist them in helping themselves.

Our parent company AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE along with BROWN SUGAR GH and our NGO, THE REVOLUTIONARY UNDERGROUND FOUNDATION is taking small steps towards helping create an educated society of empowered girls and future leaders.

Each purchase at AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE and BROWN SUGAR GH contributes to our goal.

Our Values

  • The care and unique worth of every individual
  • Enjoyment of learning as a journey
  • Exposure to educational opportunities embracing academic, cultural and physical education
  • Excellence in all facets of life
  • Independent critical thinking and life-long learning
  • Self-empowerment
  • Cultural and spiritual diversity
  • Truth, integrity and compassion
  • Facing challenges and learning from experience
  • Leadership
  • Citizenship and service to others
  • Environmental and social awareness

Our Founder

Chiedza Makonnen

Chiedza Makonnen Ceo/Creative Director of Afrodesiac Worldwide, a cultural lifestyle brand Based in Accra Ghana and Brooklyn New York. Parent company of The Revolutionary Underground Foundation where she also serves as Founder and Executive Director

Born in Jamaica of Nigerian, Benin and British Ancestry Chiedza’s pride in her African roots and desire to improve educational opportunities for girls from impoverished communities throughout the continent led her to found The Revolutionary Underground Foundation in 2001 Chiedza has founded three brands based in Ghana including retail concept store Brown Sugar GH where she is Owner and Creative Director, AfriStyle Collective and International Culture lifestyle brand Afrodesiac Worldwide

With over twenty years as a designer in the fashion industry, Chiedza is also a passionate advocate for preserving the rich cultural history of the textile industry in West Africa, partnering with women run buisnesses through her companies supply chain and utilizing fashion as a tool for empowering women and girls.

Chiedza’s business and philanthropic efforts include improving opportunities for trade for women run SME’s and mentoring emerging Africa based designers.

She has provided input on utilizing trade to empower women to the UN Commission for Africa, UN Global Compact, The World Trade Organization, European Union ESSENCE Black Economic Forum and the World Economic development forum.

As a global citizen Chiedza also serves as founder and executive director of The Revolutionary Underground Foundation mentoring and providing educational scholarships to over a hundred girls in Ghana and fighting for the rights of victims of sexual trafficking and physical abuse.

Chiedza’s work as a designer has been featured for its vibrancy, authenticity and social responsibility by ESSENCE, AFROPUNK and at New York, Lagos and Paris Fashion Weeks . Forbes,Vogue, Marie Claire, Time Out, Africa Business 2020, New African Fashion and Couture Africa.

Chiedza is based in Accra Ghana and Brooklyn NY